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Flex o' leash line
Flex o' leash line (1' large size pictured)

This lead is especially useful if Rover pulls on the leash.

The Flex O' Leash Line uses a Flexible Rubber Cord with Nylon skin and may stretch up to 60% of its original length. When Rover pulls, the stretch of the cord absorbs the shock and reduces jarring to you. This leash comes with a cushion grip handle that is soft in your hand and gives a firm grip. All hardware on the leash is solid brass. These leads are made in the U.S.A.
Regular Size (for the smaller dog) is available in a 4' length.

Large Size (for medium to large dogs) is available in 1', 2' and 4' lengths.

Solid Colors: Black (BLK), Blue (B), Green (G), Red (R)

Description, style number, and price
Regular Size
Length: 4'
Style number: LEAFARF104/R
Price: $22.95

Large Size
Length: 1'
Style number: LEAFARF101
Price: $18.95

Large Size
Length: 2'
Style number: LEAFARF102
Price: $20.95

Large Size
Length: 4'
Style number: LEAFARF104/L
Price: $24.95

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